FAQs In My Increasingly Complex Christmas Web Of Lies

18 thoughts on “FAQs In My Increasingly Complex Christmas Web Of Lies”

  1. I never thought anything could be scarier than Krampus. But you’ve introduced the concept of Santa going rogue … so now I need a Nerf gun for protection, don’t I?

    Also, I LOVE your post. So funny, per your usual πŸ™‚


  2. Dear Natasha,
    Why are blog comments so much better than FB comments?
    Finally got the courage to ask,
    A Fan
    Ps the chimney question was always a tough one in the South End!


    1. Good question! On FB, they get buried on the timeline, versus here, it’s easy to see all the comments, even months from now. Plus, people who aren’t my FB friends can see them and interact. Thank you for commenting!


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