Dear Christmas

13 thoughts on “Dear Christmas”

  1. I love you more each list. Can I please ask that you write a blog about the worst co-workers, especially in all day training classes? I’ll give you some ideas: Those you pray your not in the same group with, the pen clickers, the pen twirlers that twirl uncontrollably and actually twirl it right into the air and on the ground, clattering off the table. The incessent question askers. The dumb story tellers… I could go on.

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  2. I feel you. Godspeed, my friend. But I do think you need to ditch that small-boxed Santa thing. Seriously. Just get rid of it.


  3. I am so thrilled Elf on the Shelf isn’t on here, but I’m afraid that mentioning it will either a) remind you that it needs to be done or b) summon one to my house like the Orwellian demon it is.

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  4. Yes, one of the best. Ok, only one I’ve read in ages bc I’ve bedn off FB, but still awesome. I feel ya sister, I do. You didn’t even mention the parade of holiday (ahem, sorry, “Winter”) concerts we need to attend AND bake for. But, yes, 2 Advent traditions that you buy gifts for??? I have one calendar (with zero gifts in it) for that.


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