Let’s Not Tale-of-Two-Cities This

10 thoughts on “Let’s Not Tale-of-Two-Cities This”

  1. Just thought I’d spur you on with your blogging and novel-writing goals. You can do it! I know it’s simply words at this point, but a few hundred words a day goes a long way. Great family you have there. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Natash I always love your blog but this one is particularly great. I miss you guys tons. I keep missing all the family Skype calls… I will catch one soon.

    And ps. at some point you posted somewhere about Ted lasso. Marco and I just finished the first season. Love it.

    Sad we’re not having Chinese New Year together. Sending you big hugs. Love, Jamie


    1. I miss you too! I wish we were making and eating wontons together. And yay Ted Lasso! Can’t wait for you to watch the second season. Love you so much.


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