I have Misophonia, don’t chew?

11 thoughts on “I have Misophonia, don’t chew?”

  1. Glad my effort didn’t go unnoticed. Sadly, my husband also has misophonia, so I’ll continue to forced to swallow my food while for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the 7 years of practice!


  2. I don’t have misphonia, but I have problems with touch and texture. When I get touched unexpectedly or when I touch something that my stupid brain finds unpleasant, I literally can feel it for HOURS after the fact. It’s not like
    I’m even actively thinking about the fact that someone, say, touched me on the arm to pass me, or about accidentally picking up a paperback with that weird soft cover. It’s just…not exactly warm in that spot, but kind of…not exactly like you have something stuck on you, but kind of…I can’t explain it. But it takes hours.


  3. I have an addition to your list above, though it’s a great one and hits on many of the worst things ever in life. I also have a major issue with loud drinkers. Slurpers and sippers. My whole life, my dad would make his coffee super hot and then siiiiiiiiip it every single morning with every sip being almost cartoonishly drawn out. This combined with a Hubba Bubba-addicted mother was the basis for my disorder. When my husband reaches for his coffee mug I literally have to take several steps away before the swallow. It’s hideous.
    Also, cereal is just about the worst thing ever. To add to the milk slurping, cereal crunching misery, if I can actually HEAR the spoon clanging on your teeth, you can bet I want you dead.

    I would give ANYTHING not to have these issues, seriously. It’s a wonderful gift not to! I would love coping mechanisms besides cranking up the car radio, glaring inefficiently, or muffling one ear in the movie theater.


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