Basic Life Skills I Lack

I already had some things in mind when I went to write this. Then I googled, “Things you should know how to…”, and discovered so many more inadequacies. Thanks, interwebs! Did you know that there are quite a few lists of the 25 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do by 25? And did you know that there are … Continue reading Basic Life Skills I Lack

Dear Parent Trap

Dear Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version, not that that’s important), Let me get this straight: the basic plot of this movie is that identical twin sisters meet at summer camp and trade places, so that each can meet their previously unknown biological parent and scheme to get them back together. WHAT. So these two … Continue reading Dear Parent Trap

Happy Festivus!

We’ll do the feats of strength later, but now let’s begin the airing of grievances! I’m tired of the overall shitty driving in Boston, but particularly, people who feel the need to drive into the opposite lane when they make a left turn. It’s not cool that I can’t drive up to the line at a light … Continue reading Happy Festivus!