Items On My “Be a Better Person” List That I am Failing To Check Off

I’m not saying I have an actual physical list entitled “Things I Can Do To Be a Better Person;” that would be weird.  Plus, my lists are usually scribbled keywords that I assume I’ll understand later, but don’t. (“Coats? Wash the coats? Take the coats out of storage? Buy coats for the coat drive? Tweet … Continue reading Items On My “Be a Better Person” List That I am Failing To Check Off

Hey Pervs

Hey Pervs, More specifically, hey, men I run into on the Words with Pervs Friends app. Usually I start my letters with “Dear,” but unlike Trader’s Joe’s Hold The Cone mini ice cream cones, you are decidedly not dear to me. So, um, hey. As my family will attest, I’m slightly obsessed with Words with Friends. I’ve … Continue reading Hey Pervs

Dear College Me

Dear College Me, As I head back to college for my (our?) 20th reunion this weekend, I’m feeling nostalgic and reflective. If I could give myself a few pieces of advice, it would look something like this. Take it easy with the fashion I know it was a different time then, and I can forgive … Continue reading Dear College Me


Apologies are powerful. I don’t mean the sad sack sorries women give when someone bumps into them, or when they ask for something at a restaurant (“Sorry, can I have a menu?”). I once apologized to a shelf for bumping into him/it. We need less of those kinds of apologies. But I’m talking about genuine … Continue reading Apologies