Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Not you, real Santa in the North Pole with the elf army and whatnot. And not you, shopping mall Santa, whom, as I just explained to my kids, is not real Santa but one of an army of lookalikes he sends to do his bidding. Like real Santa has time to go to … Continue reading Dear Santa

Dear November

Dear November, Holy hell, how are you here already? I feel like I just wrapped up my summer blog and we’re already midway through mofo decorative gourd season! No offense, but you’re kind of a creeper. One minute I’m trying to get George to wear his Darth Vader mask while trick or treating because otherwise … Continue reading Dear November

List of Accomplishments

Last week, I mentioned to my old boss that it’s my birthday on Monday. He laughed at me, “You still tell people it’s your birthday?” Yep, I’m definitely that type.  But while I’m not ready to stop acknowledging my birthday altogether, I am starting to feel my years. I can definitely remember thinking people my … Continue reading List of Accomplishments