A Reluctant Thank You Note to Bees

18 thoughts on “A Reluctant Thank You Note to Bees”

  1. Ok. So I’m very concerned for Matty! I hope it’s stents and not bypass but either way he’ll be fine. Unfortunately you may have to make fewer nachos. I pray (that’s my thing) that all goes swimmingly and thank God for modern medicine. You’ve got this.


    1. Unfortunately, he already went in for stents and it was too big of a problem. Triple bypass! Thank you for your well wishes. xoxo


  2. Everything happens for a reason. Even anaphylactic shock I suppose. I will never look at bees the same way. Love to you and your (super)man!


  3. I agree with JoAnna, Natasha: everything happens for a reason! May your whole family heal from this incredible sequence of events and may you all be stronger for having survived it!!! Sending lots of love your way….need chocolate (not want….NEED)? Just give me the word and I will make it materialize!!!


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