Cathartic Festivus!

I was going to say, “Happy Festivus!” but Festivus isn’t about happiness, is it? It’s about airing your mofo grievances and that’s something better than happy. It’s restorative and cleansing and yes, cathartic. Festivus is as important a holiday tradition to me as hiding my children’s Christmas gifts in places I won’t find them until … Continue reading Cathartic Festivus!

Happy (Day After) Festivus 2020! Sponsored by Vertigo

Do we even say “Happy Festivus”? I mean, “happy” doesn’t seem the right emotion for our annual* airing of grievances. So allow me to wish you a satisfied and vindictive Festivus. Without further ado, let’s begin the airing of grievances! Vertigo – Vertigo’s like getting super drunk at a total rippahhh and then trying to … Continue reading Happy (Day After) Festivus 2020! Sponsored by Vertigo