40 Over 40

I was just cleaning out my in-box (780 unread – yikes) and as I deleted Ad Age’s 40 Under 40 email, I had a brief pang of regret that I’d never made it onto a single 40 Under 40 list before I turned 40. It makes me feel kind of ordinary. So, as a self-esteem … Continue reading 40 Over 40

The To-Eat List

Most people have a to-do list; I have a to-eat list. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t require any more explanation, but in case it does, it’s THINGS I WANT TO EAT. TO-EAT LIST (Not in priority order) Chorizo slaw at Manoa Poke – I recently experienced my first poke (it’s pronounced poké, pervs), thanks to … Continue reading The To-Eat List