The Fifth Annual Gratitude List

9 thoughts on “The Fifth Annual Gratitude List”

  1. Touching, funny, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think, I added all three books to my reading wish list, made me adore you,(even more), and miss you! I always grateful for the O’s.

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  2. LOVE your blog and your gratitude list! I so hope you make it on Nailed It! My friend Willie was on the 2019 Holiday Special (season two if I remember right): They had to make the New Years Eve baby on top of the ball that drops…utterly hilarious!
    Oddly enough, I think we had that same keynote speaker at one of our national sales meetings when I worked in hospitality…and ever since then, at bedtime, I must come up with three things I’m grateful for or else I can’t fall asleep. Likewise, I always read beforehand (I’m very grateful for my Kindle). Am I happier because of these habits? Jury’s out, but I’ve been doing them so long that they’re part of my DNA.

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