My Favorite Podcasts

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Podcasts”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m trying to find more podcasts as I break my unhealthy relationship with CNN/MSNBC. (Other than Nicole and Brian). Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend is pretty enjoyable. And Sodajerker on Songwriting if you’re into that kinda thing!


  2. Thank you!! Always looking for new podcasts to add to the rotation.

    As a Tig fan, have you listened to Tig & Cheryl True Story? It’s my very favorite every week. They make me laugh until I’m crying and I’ve gotten some good recommendations for docs to watch. A fun starter episode would be Queen of Versailles. And then watch the doc – so crazy!!

    Two other faves are Heavyweight (so good – the very early episodes are great but I think only available on Spotify) and Judge John Hodgman – so much laughing out loud each week!’


    1. I can’t wait to listen to Tig & Cheryl! Her episode on Don’t Ask Tig was hilarious. And I love John Hodgman too. Thanks for these ideas!


  3. “Who? Weekly” with Bobby Finger and Lindsay Weber is amusing — “Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t.”


  4. Thanks for the list, Natasha! I love Smartless. The Jose Andres episode was outstanding in particular. Only thing that annoys me about the pod is how out of touch Bateman is. “Do you think that people listen to our podcast while driving, or exercising?” Never enters his mind that some people listen while folding laundry or preparing food, since he doesn’t engage in these activities. Will have to check out your Tig Notaro suggestions.

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    1. Yes! Jose Andres is such a damn hero. He’s incredible. I love Jason Bateman and he can do no wrong in my book.


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