4 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. I witnessed a girl get bullied by a crazy homeless lady at a Chicago bus stop at 7 in the morning. it was 2003, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. on my way to my unpaid internship during grad school, i watched a homeless chick call a chunkier lady (probably my current circa 2018 size) fat and obese and yell at her and i said fucking nothing, and neither did the other 20 something ladies waiting on the bus that morning. we all just stared and were thankful she wasn’t screaming “YOU FAT FUCKING COW” at us. i was afraid this chick would try to kill me or something, and i KNOW almost 40 something-me now would have definitely stood up to her. I think about that morning like several times a month. so, many times each year. it was awful. that feels kinda good to say!

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    1. I can totally identify with this! It’s so hard to speak up because you’re worried you’ll become the new target.


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