The Forever To-Do List

8 thoughts on “The Forever To-Do List”

  1. I too have a side closet which I just tried to post a picture of. It it won’t work but I’ll give you a visual. The door no longer fully closes and there are winter coats from the early 2000s ever so slightly poking out. Somewhere inside is a jambox and god knows how many boxes of electrical cords. You aren’t alone

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  2. I had no idea you had a side closet! I have the equivalent in numerous “side drawers”. I’ve also been meaning to take some nice clothes to the local consignment shop for, like, a year. In other news, Triple A has a notary public, as do many banks. Good luck!

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  3. I can so relate! I’m hoping our house doesn’t burn down before I get the “fireproof document boxes” because we actually did do all the health care proxy, will, etc! And substitute side closet with basement. The more space you have, the more you fill!

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  4. I don’t have a side closet, but I do have some Long Term To-Dos. And I’m a notary public in Memphis Tennessee, so bring your Will and Powers of Attorney when you visit Memphis and I will be happy to notarize them. Might even be able to find you 2 witnesses. I accept cash, not watermelon, though. 😎☺


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