Basic Life Skills I Lack

10 thoughts on “Basic Life Skills I Lack”

  1. I can’t remember simple words for things. “Come eat your…(breakfast)…dinner.” “Mom, it’s breakfast…” “Oh right.” Is it possibly Alzheimer’s, call it what you want, but it spills over into meeting new people – “hi, I’m linda” “nice to meet you…ah…what was it?” “Linda”. “oh right, what? I wasn’t listening…”


      1. Hospital corners elude me at every turn. I just blindly stuff all the sheets under the mattress and cross myself. Surprisingly, that does NOT work and my feet fall victim to those pesky, under-the-bed monsters. Sigh …

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  2. Spot on! Please send any make-up tips my way… photos: my answer is buying more memory on iPhones – I am on 256…….and will power: (the lack of it) gets me every time


  3. First of all, pls send the recipe for Million Dollar Bars – I need one. Things I’m pretty sure I should be able to do but I can’t: Change a tire, balance a checkbook (is that even a thing anymore?), and make pancakes. Its probably best that I can’t make pancakes though, or else I’d be late for work every day and need much larger jeans.


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