Six Things I’m Feeling as an Asian-American

11 thoughts on “Six Things I’m Feeling as an Asian-American”

  1. Heart emoji heart emoji heart emoji (because I don’t know how to type them) chicken emoji chicken emoji chicken emoji (because my chickens are my most loved creature in my world and I feel their faces seem to just make people feel better and pain go away and I don’t know how to type these either).

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  2. I love your transparency. While so many are crying about Dr Seuss, perhaps they ought to pick up a copy of The Sneetches. Read it. Learn it. Live it. Here’s to Human Kind.

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  3. Thank you for your again transforming our shared anger and sorrow into beautiful print. Similarly as a South Asian-American who completely appears as white, I don’t know what and how to feel when these events arise. Of course I can identify as humans/mothers/sister/friends with the profound grief and senselessness of losing a loved one to hate. But can I really identify with the racism, as only my name belies my completely white facade? Probably not. I, like you, fear for my dad’s safety. Not in our liberal New England bubble, but when he ventures back to the simmering racial unrest in Louisiana.


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