I Don’t Know How They Do It

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How They Do It”

  1. I haven’t cut my hair in a year, and I work in a covid-infested hospital, so this year I learned how to do a great bun that is my daily work hair-do. I will teach you my secrets the next time we’re allowed to meet in person.

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  2. I’m with you on carcolepsy (I’m a sleep doctor, maybe we can coin a new diagnosis and name it after the 2 of us) and never forgetting lunch! I would have no friends if I skipped lunch.

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  3. I always enjoy your posts, but this one could have been written by me. On every point. Messy buns, bread making, inbox, carcolepsy (totally stealing that one), skipping meals! Thanks for writing, as always!


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