Possible Email Sign Offs

10 thoughts on “Possible Email Sign Offs”

  1. Warmly also sounds like you just wet your pants.

    Have you thought of just throwing a bunch of adverbs the problem and seeing what gets you the best response?
    Boldly Confidently Admirably Quaintly Gingerly Faithfully Erratically Swimmingly Ridiculously Presently

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  2. Damn. I use “Best,” at work and “All the best,” after a couple of emails have been exchanged. Guess I need to try a simple “Lovingly,” or “In Dementia,”

    Honestly, I need a new closer. “With care,”? “Helpfully,”? This is harder than math …

    PS: I love your visual aids. Perfectly sized with some well-crafted wit. Your signature touch.

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